Mediq Committed to your care

We participate in the thought process regarding the new strategy and the manner in which this is communicated internally and externally. Support from concept up to and including the production with a unique photography style.

Mediq is active
in 14 countries
percent of the population will be older than
60 in 2050

My Mediq

Mediq is improving the quality of life of millions of people every day by providing medical aids and related care. Mediq is located in 14 countries, where it has a leading position in the supply of medical aids and care professionals.

An inspiring document has been developed to support the communication of the new strategy. The publication tells the story of One Mediq and contains the strategy, market and positioning of the brand values and the core values. The My Mediq booklet tells and illustrates the corporate story for both existing and new employees.

Magazine Care

This annual magazine provides a clear picture of the organization. It is an annual report that is published both internally and externally. The business cases are like newspaper articles and photographed with a human and friendly perspective. An attractive series that also forms the basis for the tone of visual on the corporate website.

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