ICS International Card Services

The design of the cards is a specialization that is developing rapidly. We have been creating maximum impact on a minimum format for Visa, Mastercard and others for many years already.

In the meantime, we have developed 26 cards
The smallest corps size
on a card is 6 points
The magnetic strip on
a card has a maximum lifespan of 4 years

Visa World Cards Business

International Card Services is the credit card specialist and market leader in the issuance of credit cards in the Netherlands. ICS and DartGroup have been working together for many years for the design and production of ICS credit cards. The technical expertise that Dar has built up over the years strengthens the impact of the designs developed by Dart. Dart developed the concepts and design for the business Visa Card range in line with Visa’s brand values global, progressive, dynamic, flexible and fast.

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