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DartGroup is ABN AMRO’s preferred supplier. We have been developing the annual report since 2010, which has now been transformed into a fully-integrated online and offline report.

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ABN AMRO Human Rights Report

Doing business means taking responsibility
ABN AMRO is the first financial institution in the world to publish a human rights report based on the reporting framework of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. The report focuses on four human rights issues: privacy, discrimination, labour rights and land-related human rights.

  • These four issues are incorporated through unique visualizations.
  • The clear structure of the report combines the roles of the bank with its human rights issues, using tabs and icons.
  • Dart was responsible for design, developing illustrations and execution.

Corporate reporting

Giving Voice to Value
Value creation starts with listening to your stakeholders and making their voice heard. In this year’s reporting mix ABN AMRO demonstrates how they serve the interests of all clients, employees, society at large and investors and what they do to create long-term value for them. This is reflected in the strategy chapter, the value creation model and the connectivity table that provides a description of each material topic, how the topic relates to the strategy and to which stakeholder group the topic matters most. Dart offers guidance on concept, design, content and structure from start to publication. Our workflow tool CORE offered ABN AMRO’s writers detailed version-control and lay-out previews, combined with the highest security level.

The ‘Giving Voice to Value’ themed reporting suite consists of:

  • An integrated ABN AMRO Group report where connectivity is key
  • An ABN AMRO Bank report, with an automated workflow to connect parts of the content to the Group report
  • A magazine with inspiring stakeholder cases that demonstrate the bank’s initiatives and results
  • An online reporting hub with engaging videos
  • Seven Sustainability publications, all aligned with ABN AMRO’s pledge to be a better bank contributing to a better world

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