Enexis Endless energy

As leader in the energy transition Enexis outlined 4 future scenarios for 2030. We developed a special book and an online platform.

is closer than you think
It is estimated that there will be 140 thousand electric cars in the Netherlands
in 2020
% of the Dutch energy consumption should be sustainable in 2020

Inspiration book

Endless energy

Enexis finds it inspiring and important to outline long-term outlooks for the energy supply system, together with colleagues and stakeholders. DartGroup developed the special inspiration book and an online platform about the future of our energy.

  • Development from general concept to design, photography, lay-out, animations and technical realization of the online platform.

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Annual Report

The title ‘Energy to change’ reflects Enexis’ drive to be a leader in the energy transition. This year Enexis aims to take its corporate report to a next level and create an online portal that guides the reader through all highlights. DartGroup executed this project with strategic insights and creative ideas and managed to link all related content in an integrated online one pager.

Enexis shows how they create and share value with their stakeholders and connect them to the high material aspects and value creation model. This results in an attractive and compact online experience and a complete annual report.

Enexis has complete control over the content of their annual report by making use of CORE: Dart’s collaboration tool/content management system.

Reporting mix:

  • Annual Report 2016.
  • Simultaneous publication of two complete language versions (Dutch and English).
  • Online quick read: Key figures, Foreword of the Board, Highlights and Value creation model.

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