AkzoNobel Essentials

DartGroup developed the key visuals of 3 segments with as theme augmentation. A striking result was achieved by means of digital collage techniques.

different images were
used in each key visual
there are 7 main colors
in total
the roof of Wimbledon has been protected by a special coating for 40 years

Essential key visuals

The AkzoNobel ‘Hero’ images illustrate everyday essentials of to make people’s lives more livable and inspiring.

We have created a new image style which brings AkzoNobel’s purpose to life and embodies the brand characteristics. The images are augmented to create a multi-dimensional experience. They include a blend of our three main essentials; essential ingredients, essential protection and essential color.

DartGroup develops various ‘Hero’ images with per image the focus on one of the essentials. The images are developed in various formats so they can be used on various communication means.

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