ABN AMRO The power of simplicity

The basic point of departure for the updating of the communication style developed by Dart in 2010. A strong and consistent brand framework that provides room for a highly varied content.

ABN and AMRO merge and DartGroup starts to work
for the bank
DartGroup has been working for ABN ARMO for 25 years and has realized over 4000 projects
percent of all Dart staff have an ABN AMRO account

Development communication style

Applicable for a wide variety of media and channels. DartGroup developed a simplified style, ready for the future. Simple, flexible and distinctive. The style has been laid down in clear guidelines for graphic designers. A Quick Reference guide was also developed, which provides a general description of the style.

A selection of other ABN AMRO projects:

ABN AMRO Strategy monitor

High5 is an internal, online publication that the Managing Board of ABN AMRO uses to inform all employees about the progress that is being made in implementing the bank’s long-term strategy. DartGroup is responsible for the total concept and the production, ranging from naming the project up to and including the online realization in Dutch and English. The CORE CMS – which ABN AMRO initially acquired for the development of their Annual Report – is being used as a collaboration tool because of aspects like the extensive version check possibilities and the very high security level.

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