TenneT Taking Power Further

For Western Europe’s largest grid operator, we have developed a forward-looking identity. All internal and external communication is managed by DartGroup.

million end-users
served by TenneT
employees work at TenneT
DartGroup has developed the annual report for
three years in a row

Revitalized corporate identity

We have given TenneT’s identity a real boost and created a powerful look & feel across all channels. The alignment with their brand values and international ambition is leading. Dart develops a large range of media in the new visual identity, including the annual report 2015. Brand guidelines and practical workshops are the basis of a consistent application of the style.

TenneT Annual Report site

TenneT is a leading European high-voltage electricity transmission system operator that ensures a reliable supply of electricity to 41 million end-users. The brand values Responsible, Engaged and Connected form the central theme in TenneT’s 2015 annual report.

The TenneT annual report aims to give all stakeholders, both internal and external, a clear picture of the developments within TenneT, highlighting the most prominent aspects.
TenneT has complete control over the content of their annual report by making use of CORE: Dart’s collaboration tool/content management system.

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