Enexis Endless energy

As leader in the energy transition Enexis outlined 4 future scenarios for 2030. We developed a special book and an online platform.

is closer than you think
It is estimated that there will be 140 thousand electric cars in the Netherlands
in 2020
% of the Dutch energy consumption should be sustainable in 2020

Enexis Inspiration book

Enexis finds it inspiring and important to outline long-term outlooks for the energy supply system, together with colleagues and stakeholders. DartGroup developed the special inspiration book and an online platform about the future of our energy. Development from general concept to design, photography, lay-out, animations and technical realization of the online platform.

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Annual Report

A concept was developed for the online annual report, whereby the emphasis lies on providing comprehensive information that is presented in a clear and concise manner. Enexis manages the content of the Dutch and the English versions of the report itself using the CORE content management system. Homepage with a strong visual design but above all a functional corporate presentation. Quick and easy access to the most popular content. Visual support of the most important content by means of clear infographics and easily readable graphs. Functional interactive PDF that enables a fast navigation through the annual report.

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